Research & Journalism

What, When, Where, and How!

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Most of our team have a background in journalism.

We offer quality research and writing in six different languages (Danish, English, Portuguese, Italian, German and Spanish).

We offer a range of journalistic products and services, among others:

  • Manuscripts for podcasts.
  • Editing texts, whether it be reports, articles etc.
  • Research on topics such as law, crime, health and business.
  • Research assistance and fixing in Portugal.
  • Interviews, written as well as recorded.
  • Hosting Podcasts for other companies.

DK: +45 6062 0550
PT: +351 96 242 7131

Ved Klædebo 14
2970 Hørsholm
CVR: DK26102944

Calçada Eng. Miguel Pais 5, 1e
1200-171 Lisbon