Knowledge and Know How

Do you want to learn how to become a professional podcaster and audio narrator?
We teach you all the skills you need for podcasting - from your initial idea to the finished product

For years, we have had this amazing course in podcasting for communication officers. It’s called “How to communicate in Podcast” and is an intensive one-week course taught in Danish.

Stories and storytellers have captivated audiences since humans first began communicating using language. They have shaped the way in which we view the world around us. Now, you can also become one of the audio narrators and in this course, we give you all the skills in podcasting - from the early idea to the finished product.

The course manager is a host for national Danish radio (DR), Bille Sterll, who will guide you through an amazing week of learning and development.

In five days, you will learn to communicate through sound and how to add an extra dimension to your stories. The course is targeted at journalists, communication professionals and media workers who already know about storytelling.

Business Makers: Entrepreneurship in four months
Are you tired of being reactive rather than proactive as a freelancer in the media industry? Take charge and learn how to grow your business.

We have a four-month entrepreneurship course where you learn to use the methods for user-centred business development. Our goals is that you can develop your own ideas for business.

You will be trained to make a sharp value proposition and use the Business Model Canvas to test your ideas. In the course, you will also work with Value Proposition Canvas, Assumptions Mapping, service travel, preto-typing, pricing and pitch. You will meet experts, skilled industry professionals, as well as past and present entrepreneurs who can make you wiser and give you the tools so you can think and act like an entrepreneur.

Business Makers is especially for trained photographers, journalists, graphic designers, and other media workers that need a boost and more knowledge of business models. Janne Aagaard Jensen is the course manager and she also does mentoring and sparring with startups – read more about that here.

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SEO for journalists and editors: How to win the SEO battle and get to the top of the search engine
We have developed a special SEO course to be implemented directly in the newsroom or by the local editor

This course teaches journalists how to write for the search engines in a non-technical way and work strategically with Search Engine Optimisation so that they can reuse content and give it a longer life. Participants gain knowledge of how their activities lead to more traffic from Google through better rankings in the search results. This is continuously measured and reported during the course.

Learn how to use the best Trojan horse - SEO - and introduce user-generated content and a reader-oriented approach to journalism, without compromising on an otherwise tight news profile. The editorial change process provides an opportunity to reflect on goals of good editorial history and how to impart value as a journalist.

We have planned three intensive workshops which can be held at your workplace, based on your keywords and your own goals. The optimal time span on the course is 4-6 months and you will have SEO-expert Joakim Ditlev as the course manager.

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