Podimo is an open podcast platform that offers personally curated recommendations to users, while supporting creators through a brand new revenue share model. Think Netflix for podcasters.

The Podimo app gives you the podcasts and hosts you already know and love, and the opportunity to unlock hundreds of new and exclusive shows you can’t find anywhere else.

Podimo is currently available in Denmark, Germany and Spain, with many new countries in the pipeline. The app features great podcasts from around the world via open RSS feeds and is free to download and listen with no login required. They follow industry-standard best-practice when it comes to making all free podcast available on Podimo. When you sign up as a podcaster, you’re granted access to Podimo’s Podcaster Studio where you can see detailed listening data.

Podimo was founded in 2019 by Morten Strunge, Nikolaj Koppel, Sverre Dueholm, Andreas Sachse and Eva Lægdsgaard. The company already has a crew of 40 people across five different countries.

Meow Productions is currently producing a major true crime production about murders in Southern Europe for Podimo that will be available here this fall.

Our partner Heartbeats began as a Danish company and it has now a branch in Germany as well.

Heartbeats is a modern, digital medium that conveys across audio, video and text. It was created by Le Gammeltoft in 2014, and since then Heartbeats has had growing pains.

Today, the site has grown into a larger digital universe with a 24-hour digital radio station. Behind Heartbeats sits a permanent editorial staff and a large group of external contributors in the form of podcast hosts and writers. They present unique editorial content within podcasts, text and television. They also enter into commercial partnerships, create sponsored content, produce native content, and solve agency tasks for external platforms.

All solutions are made in house – from sound design and editing to photos and events. At Heartbeats you can find a wide selection of stories about culture, lifestyle and society. Have a look at their gifted crew.

We have worked extensively with Heartbeats since 2015, where we began the podcast Crime and punishment. We are also producing several podcast series for Podimo about the serial killer Peter Lundin and we also have the long-running true crime success called Murders in the North.

Want to be a partner? Please contact us!

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