Murder by the Mediterrenean

Get ready to get the chills

Murder by the Mediterranean is a MEOW production for Podimo. This podcast series from the dark side of sun drenched Southern Europe is a true crime masterpiece.

We present macabre murder cases from Portugal, Spain and Italy. They are true stories which have made a deep impression on criminal history in each country.

The series strives to bring you the truest and most impartial description of the events that took place - it has specific details and some listeners might find it disturbing.

You can find the website for the Danish episodes of Murder by the Mediterranean here. The series premieres on Friday the 18th of September 2020 and the following week, it opens in Germany.

Mord ved Middelhavet

Episode list

1. The Day Donatella Died
2. The Wedding Photographer
3. The Handsome Handyman
4. The Soap Maker of Correggio
5. The Portuguese Jack the Ripper
6. The Necrophiliac
7. The Monster of Florence
8. The Ungrateful Son

9. The Fiery Woman
10. An Unimaginable Tragedy
11. The Meia Culpa Massacre
12. The Butcher of Portillo
13. Murderer on the Train
14. The Priest of Paradise Island
15. The Almost Perfect Murder
16. A Murderous Game

The Day Donatella Died

Two young Italian women were invited to a party in the small Italian town of San Felice Circeo by two handsome young men they had met in a Rome nightclub.

But the party turned out to be a trap leading to 24 hours of torture and rape until they were murdered and shoved into the trunk of the kidnapper’s car. However, against all odds, one of the women survived.

Listen to the introduction of the first true crime story here in four different languages:

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