Murder Down Under

A look at Australian serial killers 

Why are there so many gruesome murders in Australia? Has the the country's gruesome back story left a trace on today's mentality?

Janne Aagaard delves into the heartland of Australia, in order to expose the country's many horrific crimes and how they affected the people involved. She examines the motives for murder as well as the investigation and its legal ramifications both short term and in the long run.

Mord Down Under is for now only available in Danish. You can hear the first episode - just click on the box to you right.

Janne Aagaard has worked as a crime reporter in Denmark and in 2004, she moved to Australia where she studied criminology at University of Queensland as a part of her masters of journalism.

She has also taught at the Danish police academy, and been the editor of the award winning magazine Politi as well as communications manager at Funen police. Read more on Janne Aagaard here.


Episode list

  1. Five Faces of Tracey
  2. Paranoia in Perth
  3. The Apprentice
  4. M for Mom
  5. The Backpackers
  6. The Father's Day Massacre
  7. The Invisible Serial Killer
  8. Underneath the Surface

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