Letters from a Killer

"I actually prayed to God, I hope there ain’t many people in there because I don’t want to kill a lot of innocent people.”

In 2002, Jose Sandoval and his colleagues took part in “the deadliest bank robbery attempt in the history of the state of Nebraska.”

The robbery resulted in the death of five innocent people. No money was taken and it all happened in less than sixty seconds. Sandoval details the events of that day with film script accuracy as documentary makers, Zoe Hines and Ned Parker, investigate his Letters From A Killer, available here in English.

For a number of years, Hines and Parker corresponded with the murderes and those letters are now the basis of a new podcast: Letters from a Killer.

In the Danish edition of the podcast, true crime writer Janne Aagaard investigates the letters and uses methods from forensic lingustics and her own interviews with killers to analyse the confessions.

Janne Aagaard is a former crime reporter, and she studied criminology at University of Queensland as a part of her masters degree and forensic linguistics at Copenhagen University and Hoffstra University.


Episode list

  1. Merciful Murderer
  2. The Good Samaritan
  3. I Confess
  4. Becoming a Killer
  5. Accidental Homicide
  6. The Unlikely Vigilant
  7. Graphic Content
  8. Deadly Coercion

9. Murder Me
10. Cop Killer
11. Whatever Makes You Happy
12. Overkill
13. Death Row Reform
14. Ice Cream Killer
15. False Prophet

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