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Our most recent show Female Spies just premiered in both Denmark and Germany on the first week of February 2021..

In January 2021, our CEO Janne Aagaard Jensen just finished writing 54 manuscripts - the second, third and fourth season of the succesfull true crime show Murder in the North.

The series has been translated into German and has received acclaim in Germany, with more seasons to come. A lunch in Spain is the next step. This podcast was made in collaboration with Heartbeats.

Our own production, the true crime series Murder by the Mediterranean premiered in Autumn 2020 in Denmark, Germany, and Spain.

In 2019, Janne was also the co-host of a large show on Danish serial killer Peter Lundin that is available here.

Before starting Meow Production, Janne researched, wrote and hosted a criminology podcast called Crime and Punishment together with our partner Heartbeats.dk from 2017-2018.

Who we are!

Our motto is ‘Ears Wide Open’ and our goal is to create and deliver exciting, informative and entertaining podcasts which will have people switching off their TVs and plugging in their headphones.

We have a global team working with us to make the most awesome and entertaining content from seasoned researchers, to translators and voice record artists.


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Crime and Punishment
Peter Lundin
Murder in the North

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