Crime and Punishment

SAGA talks and Meow Production 

In 2023, the podcast "Crime and Punishment" was revived! The popular criminology podcast regained its heartbeat, when Janne Aagaard and crime novelist Lone Theils came together in a joint venture.

The pair joined up to talk about their favourite topics: English murderers and Australian killers.

Since Janne Aagaard spent many years in Australia, and has been the author of three volumes of Murder Down Under, she was eager to share these cases with Lone Theils.

Lone Theils has spent 20 years covering Britain as a journalist and is the author of two crime books called "British Serial Killers".

The show is confirmed for a third season that will air in May 2024 together with SAGA talks. The podcast is on subscription platforms only in Danish, in Denmark. Find it at Mofibo, Podimo, Bookbeat, and e-reolen.

New Seasons 2023 - 

  1. Couples who kill
  2. Victim Selection
  3. The Tourist Murders
  4. Killers without Borders
  5. Location, Location
  6. Profiling a Killer
  7. Terror
  8. School Shootings
  10. Kids who Kill

11. The Travelling Murderers
12. Crimes that Changed Society
13. The Missing Girls
14. State of Play
15. Is Mommy a Murderer?
16. Rough Sex as Defence
17. Cannibal Women
18. Lethal Care
19. Do Killers prefer Blondes?
20. Apocalypse Now


21. Will air in May 2024
22. Will air in May 2024
23. Will air in May 2024
24. Will air in May 2024
25. Will air in June 2024
26. Will air in June 2024
27. Will air in July 2024
28. Will air in June 2024
29. Will air in June 2024
30. Will air in July 2024


Heartbeat and Meow Production

The podcast Crime and Punishment was produced by our partner and was the only Danish podcast on criminology when it aired in 2018.

Janne Aagaard was the host and interviews a long range of experts within the field; from professors to lawyers. She used to work as a crime reporter for tabloid newspaper Ekstra Bladet for several years, as well as being a freelance crime writer for many years.

Janne also taught at the Danish police academy, and was the editor of the award- winning magazine Politi, as well as Communications Manager at Funen police. Janne has a degree in journalism from the Danish School of Journalism in 1998 and studied criminology in connection with her master's degree at the University of Queensland in 2005.


Previous Seasons 2018 - 2020

  1. Women who kill.
  2. Are all Prisoners Insane?
  3. Bias in Danish Criminal Law.
  4. When the Body is Missing.
  5. Stranger Homicide.
  6. Language as Evidence
  7. The Big Nordic Biker War.
  8. Communities that Kill.
  9. Serial Killers in Denmark.
  10. We all Deserve a Defence.

11. Justice - more than a Feeling?
12. Miscarriage of Justice.
13. Killing your own Kid.
14. Is Evil Inherited?
15. Prison Breaks.
16. Voices as Evidence.
17. Comparative Justice.
18. White Collar Crime.
19. Forgive or Forget?
20. Is there any Honor in Killing?



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DK: +45 6062 0550
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Meow Production APS
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